Chinese cooking wine
Chinese cooking wine
Chinese cooking wine
Chinese cooking wine

Importer & Distributor of Chinese Wine

In the whole world Wines hold a significant place for celebrations and parties. Speaking boldly, in the present arena these occasions cant be imagined even in short of these Wines. Actually they pour an extra joy in the atmosphere. These specialized Wines throws out all the mental pressure for a little moment. In this regard, of course, Chinese Wines are considered on a high scale with an esteemed zeal.

We take a pride in acknowledging that we are the most trusted Chinese Wine suppliers and Chinese Wine distributers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. We have our own logistics team to make delivery on time. Our team believes in perfect quality which ensures us to be the best Chinese wine distributors and Chinese wine suppliers as well.

In addition to health and taste, we are the finest Chinese wine distributors, as we never add harmful chemicals in our liquors like other Chinese wine distributors and suppliers; instead, we only source for natural ingredients. So far is the question of health is concerned our special Chinese wines are fully safe as our experts test it with intensive care and stringent standards before filling and packing.

As far as the matter of cost is concerned we are the top level Chinese wine suppliers in comparison to others in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore, on the basis of our fine quality products and top level service. We charge only a fair price in comparison to other Chinese wine distributors and suppliers.

As a matter of fact we simply believe in healthy and long term relation with our partners. And, in this connection we are so fortunate in all the mentioned countries. We even receive special thanks telephonically from individual consumers apart from our clients which proves our increasing popularity. So if you are looking for concerned services, be in touch with us to let you know the right taste of Chines wines.

Ang Leong Huat has been in operation since 1925, and since then we have become the sole agent for over 100 brands of Chinese Wines from China, Taiwan and Malaysia...

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ALH Foochow Rice Wine
$ 7.50
Chef Brand Hua Diao Chiew
$ 2.50
Grace Vineyard Deep Blue 2012
$ 75.00
Gu Yue Long Shan Chicken Seasoning
$ 4.00
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