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Wholemeal Brown Sugar Ginger Biscuit Twists / 全麦黑糖薑味曲奇餅干

MAIN INGREDIENTS (makes 16pcs)

wholewheat flour  115g
dark brown sugar 45g
sea salt 1/8 tsp
unsalted butter 45g
Agreen ginger juice 2 tbsp (about 30g)


1) Mix all the powder ingredients, then add the butter (room temperature) in and combine till no trace of butter.
2) Add in 2 tbsp of Agreen ginger juice. Use spatula to form a cookie dough.
3) Roll the dough into a 18x24cm sheet.
4) Use a roller cutter to cut the dough into strips. Then twist the strip and place on a baking tray.
5) Bake in a preheated oven at 175°C for about 18 to 20 minutes. After baked, leave in room temperature for about 5 minutes then transfer to the wiring rack. Put in air tight container for storage.

材料: (約可做16片曲奇)

水手牌健康全粒粉 115克
黑糖 45克
海塩 1/8 小匙
無塩奶油 45克
薑母汁 2大匙 (大約30克)


1) 將所有粉類產品均勻混合,加入室溫奶油,攪拌至看不見奶油
2) 加入兩大匙薑母汁,用攪拌刀以切拌方式面團狀
3) 將面团桿成約18 乘24公分大小
4) 使用輪刀將麵团切成長條狀,然後分別捲成麻花狀,放置在烤盤上
5) 放進預熱至175度的烤箱烘烤約18至20分钟,拿出放涼約5分钟,再移至涼網上放涼,再放進密封盒收藏