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Shao Hsing Hua Tiao Wine - No Salt(绍兴花雕酒-无盐)

Plum Blossom Hua Diao Chiew


Plum Blossom Hua Tiao Chiew is one of the must have wine to prepare authentic Chinese food at home.
Enjoy delicious meals with our healthy Hua Tiao Chiew.

  • Premium product with no salt or artificial flavoring. Wine is aged for 5 years.
  • Distinguished by its rich flavored that is made from fermented glutinous rice. 
  • Use it in both in cooking or drink it on its own to taste the different. 
  • One of the best and most famous hua tiao wines trusted by generations and used by top chefs in Chinese restaurants all over the world. 
  • The outstanding word-of-mouth is the testimony to our superb product quality.