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About Us

Chinese baijiu online suppliers in Singapore

Our Story

Evolution OF ALH LOGO



The company is started as Ang Leong Huat wine Merchants and continues to operate and in Singapore through the decades.



Run as a family business for 2 generations, it was passed on to the only son from the 3rd generation Ang Kah Joo. With acumen, he begins to innovate to bring in more variety of wines. Instead of setting a brewery in Singapore, he chooses to source for the best quality Chinese wine and diversify into cooking & drinking wine, catering to different consumer tastes.



ALH establishes itself as a leading supplier of Chinese wine in Singapore and grows its portfolio of brands. The key values of loyalty, honesty and integrity are deeply ingrained in every aspect of the business even as it continues to expand.

2000 >


The 4th generation leaders are being groomed into the family business as new trends and consumer needs emerge. ALH undergoes a brand revamp the ensure the heritage of the brand is carried on into the future as the company continues to build on its success and reputation as leader of high quality Chinese wine supplies.

Our Vision & mission


ALH is dedicated to inspiring you with the goodness and taste advantage of high quality Chinese wine to enhance your culinary journey.


ALH will:
  • Source the best quality Chinese wines used for cooking and avail them in leading supermarkets.
  • Educate on usage and benefits of Chinese wines – as taste enhancer and health tonic.
  • Make available Chinese wine for drinking as accompaniment to food.


On the morning of 9 August 1965, the Parliament of Singapore passed the Republic of Singapore Independence Act, establishing the island as an independent and sovereign republic. The new state became the Republic of Singapore. British troops had remained in Singapore following its independence, but in 1968, London announced its decision to withdraw the forces by 1971. In 1974, Ang Leong Huat Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore making it our home and the start of something very special for Singapore’s Chinese wine scene.

However, our heritage with Chinese wine had been brewing long before then… During the first half of the twentieth century, Singapore prospered as financial institutions, transportation, communications, and government infrastructure expanded rapidly to support the booming trade and industry of the British Empire. Chinese immigrants driven by political uncertainty and poverty in China came in great numbers in search of to seek a better life.

In 1923, our founder left his hometown of Xiamen in China to seek his fortune in Malaya. With determination and some luck, he was thus able to save enough to incorporate a company to import Chinese wine to Singapore. In 1925, He incorporated the name “Ang Leong Huat Wine Merchant” to trade products and bring them into Singapore.

The purpose of the company remains largely the same as the new generations after continue to invest and to innovate, building on our history and heritage to set new benchmarks as a leader in the industry.

We are very proud of our history and heritage. All that we do every day ensure that there is plenty in our future too.




Our brands deeply connected to not only family lineage, and also the history of Singapore and the changing eating and consumption habits of people through the years.



We have established brands that occupy places in consumers’ hearts, for generations. Not many brands can say they enjoy that.



Is the premium of our carefully sourced, authentic and high quality, Our brand will always delivers what the consumer expects on its price and value and brand.

Brand Values

ALH Is Our People And Core Values By Which We Live


We built our reputation on trust and we will continue to uphold the trust that our customers place on us


To always offer reliable products and services. In all aspects of our operations, from product sourcing to delivery and customer support, the focus is high quality


Our family business has grown because we are not afraid to embrace change. We are driven to continually anticipate our customers’ changing needs and new trends to exceed expectations.


The default position of ALH is that of good quality Chinese cooking wine that enhances taste. It is positioned in the consumer’s mind as a reliable and traditional brand that is trusted.

The brand position of ALH will now focus to brand essence and values by projecting itself as a heritage brand that is authentic, premium and progressing with new consumer trends with product variety and modern packaging.